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Guild of the Month: May/June 2015

Start: May 27, 2015 @time 11:00 (sch_gld)
End: June 27, 2015 @time 03:00 (pay_gld)

The delay has been real, but it is finally back. Welcome to the home page of this month's Guild of the Month. 'This month' likely being the wrong term, as this time, competition will be for the supremacy of both May and June.

We are trying something completely different this month. There has been a major overhaul to the event this time around. The biggest change is the structuring of the finals format.
Please be sure to thoroughly read through the thread. There will be three posts, so if you are reading this from the Patcher or Control Panel, you'll need to visit the forums to get all the details.
Questions are welcome and encouraged.

Your aim, as always, is to accumulate 'WoE points'.

How do guilds accumulate WoE points?
After every WoE, the NPC will add points to guilds that are holding castles. 1 castle = 1 point; more castles conquered when WoE ends means more WoE points.

On the end date (after Saturday WoE, June 27, 2015), the top eight guilds will qualify for the GotM Finals (to be held after WoE on Sunday, June 28, 2015, starting 10:00)
Please note the last day for qualification has changed from Sunday to Saturday.

The following hot-spot castles will grant guilds with 3 WoE points at the end of every siege.

  • Mardol (Rachel/Arunafeltz) [Top Middle]
  • Viblainn (Yuno) [Left Middle]
  • Holy Shadow (Payon) [Top Right]
  • Skoegul (Prontera) [Top Left]
The following hot-spot castles will grant guilds with 2 WoE points at the end of every siege.
  • Neuschwanstein (Aldebaran) [Bottom Left]
  • Bergel (Geffen) [Top Middle]
  • Sacred Altar (Payon) [Bottom Left]
  • Fadhgridh (Prontera) [Middle]
The command @warp to aru_gld and sch_gld will be disabled to accomodate this event.


Minor Prize
  • The guild finishing first on the overall woe points tally at the end of the points tallying period will be awarded the following prizes, to be awarded to the Guild Leader.
    • x3 Event Credits
    • x5 Ancient Heirlooms
    • x150 Gold Coins
Major Prize
  • The winning GvG party will be warped to a poring event containing 1 very rare item.
    • For May/June 2015, the prize will be Falcon Ring [2].
  • The winning Guild Leader will receive a GotM set, with unique bonus effects and aura. The other 11 party members will receive GotM Rings, containing custom auras.
  • The winning guild receives the follow supply package:
    • x20,000 Condensed White Potion
    • x15,000 Box of Panting
    • x4,500 Aloevera
    • x1,800 Authoritative Badge
    • x1,500 Box of Resentment
    • x2,000 Elemental Converter of Choice
    • x2,000 Elemental Converter of Choice

Thread continued on next post to avoid patcher flooding.


Posted on May 26th, 2015 by Porter

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